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PSTN Phone Line Features

Extra phone features that allow you to make the most of your phone line

Pay Per Use services are installed on IDNet phone lines by default. For monthly rental services please contact us by email to enable the service.


Business or Home user?

Standard Features

These features are included in IDNet Standard Line Rental and IDNet Business Premium Line Rental. For customers on older legacy line rental products a £2.50 per month charge will apply.

Caller Display

Caller Display shows you the number of the person calling so you can decide whether to answer the call. To use you will need a compatible handset (nearly all current UK sold phones are compatible).

Call Waiting

With Call Waiting, a gentle beep alerts you that another call is coming in. You then have the option to end your original call and take the new call, swap between both calls, or continue with your current call.

Instructions For Use

Call Barring

Incoming Call Barring allows you to bar all incoming calls. Outgoing Call Barring on the line allows you to bar a range of outgoing calls based on the selection of a code.

Instructions For Use

Call Sign

Call Sign allows you to distinguish between incoming calls on the same line. You are provided with an Alternate Number to your existing Telephone Number and when this number is dialled the telephone connected to the line will ring with a different cadence to the normal ring tone. You can thus determine whom the call is for, or who the caller is, prior to answering it.

Choose To Refuse

Choose to Refuse enables you to choose who gets through helping you put a stop to nuisance or unwanted calls. You can block up to 10 numbers.

Instructions For Use

Anonymous Call Reject

Anonymous Call Reject blocks any caller that doesn't send their phone number via Caller Display.

Number Withhold

Your phone number will not be presented to anyone you call.

Premium Features

These features are included in IDNet Business Premium Line Rental. For customers on older legacy line rental products and IDNet Standard Line Rental a £2.50 per month charge will apply.

Smart Divert

Smart Divert enables you to have all calls diverted to another number - anywhere in the UK, most overseas destinations or a mobile phone. You can choose to - divert all calls, divert on no reply or divert when the line is busy. You will be provided with an access number and pin to enable you to use Smart Divert remotely.
The diverted leg of the call will be charged at your normal call rates and included in any call package that you may have.

Instructions For Use

Answerphone (1571)

Answerphone (1571) diverts incoming calls when there is no reply, or the called line is busy, to a voice bank. A greeting will instruct the caller to leave a message.

Instructions For Use

Bypass Number

A Bypass Number is a second phone number on your phone line which bypasses any diversions or blocks on the line.

Pay Per Use Features

These features will incur a charge on every use except with our 'Anytime Unlimited Plus' call plan where they are included.

Timeline - 50p Per Call

Timeline (Speaking Clock) can be access by dialling 123.

3 Way Calling - 10p Per Call

The service allows you to speak to two other people at the same time even if one of them is abroad.
Instructions For Use

Reminder Call - 10p Per Call

Allows you to set your phone for an Alarm Call using the 24-hour clock.
Instructions For Use

Call Return - 10p Per Call

After dialing 1471, you can press "3" to automatically return the call.


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