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Our Network

Our network is distributed over two top-of-their-class datacentres in London's Docklands at Telehouse and at Telecity. Each facility is connected to each other by redundant Gigabit Ethernet circuits and each hosts autonomous services and independent external Internet connections for both international peering and global transit reach.

Our core global Internet connectivity is presented in London, Frankfurt, Stockholm, Paris and Amsterdam where we are connected to the major International Internet Exchange Points: LINX (London), LONAP (London), DE-CIX (Frankfurt), NETNOD (Stockholm), FRANCE-IX (Paris) and AMS-IX (Amsterdam). At these Exchanges we have peering connections with over 800 global networks, enabling us to deliver data from around the world at incredibly fast speeds.

All external circuits are duplicated to ensure redundant failover in the event of an outage. In order to ensure that our own internal network can survive unexpected equipment failure every router and switch is deployed as a pair working in tandem. Should a device fail then our core network will automatically self-heal to route traffic around the problem, maintaining full service, allowing us to replace and repair the fault without disrupting normal operations.

The core network and external connectivity is monitored 24/7 with alerts issued to duty engineers in the event of a failure or unusual traffic event. Where a circuit regularly reaches 70% utilisation the capacity of that link is increased to provide sufficient headroom again.

Network Map

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